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Summer Dental Vacation Tips For Lynchburg Kids

For many summer is a time for vacation with the kids. It is also a good time to review good dental habits for travel best dentist lynchburgwith the little ones. Whether you are on a staycation in Lynchburg, or traveling the world, it is easy to forget good dental hygiene for your children while on vacation. It does not have to be that way though.

The American Dental Association (, 2017) goes over a number of different things you can do to help kids keep good dental health while hitting the beaches, parks, and beyond.

lynchburg dentistMake a commitment

Sometimes we just forget to stress how important oral health is to children. We fall into a routine that abruptly stops when we are vacation. A few simple reminders can make a world of difference. And always make sure to give a reminder to floss.

Don’t drink the water but…

If you find yourself in a country that the water is sub-par (or you just do not trust it) have bottled water on hand to use for brushing.

Don’t get rushed prepping for school, make your Fall appointments now

This is probably the most important tip. Schedule your child’s pre-school dental check up NOW. Do not get squeezed for time as the school year approaches

dental_vaction_tips_for_parentsThe right gum can help

If you are just having too much fun and cannot make it back to the rental house or hotel to brush right after a meal use a piece of sugar free gum to help remove particles and food from teeth.

Back on Track

Do not get discouraged. If you forget to remind your kids or they lapse on their brushing and flossing schedule, just make a commitment to be more diligent in the future. Good dental health is a cumulative thing, so take the long view when judging your discipline and habits.

Have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us with a dental question here in Lynchburg or the surrounding areas. See you soon!


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