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Silver Amalgam Fillings and Composite Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used to fill a cavity and while you may know someone who has never had tooth decay; most people have had at least one cavity in their lifetime.


According to the Forest Dental Center in Lynchburg, dental fillings have changed with more patients switching from silver amalgam to composite dental fillings.

If you have not needed a dental filling in some time, you can learn some things about dental fillings, including silver amalgam fillings, and how they have changed over the years.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver fillings have been the go to dental filling for decades. With up to 50 percent mercury, consequently, some dentists refuse to use silver amalgam fillings even though the American Dental Association has deemed it safe for dental fillings.

Another concern for dentists in Lynchburg is that silver amalgam fillings require more tooth removal to allow a better space for the filling. While some dentists say silver amalgam fillings are stronger than tooth colored composite fillings, the materials used these days is just as suitable and more compatible overall.

Tooth Colored Composite Fillings

The Forest Dental Center in Lynchburg fills teeth with tooth colored composite resin or a composite bonding material. This is the safest way to fill a tooth and is much more biocompatible.

Tooth colored composite fillings allow your Lynchburg dentist to keep more of your natural tooth.

One of the biggest advantages of composite fillings is beauty. Composite fillings are translucent, white and reflect light just like your natural teeth.

Tooth Colored Composite versus Silver Amalgam Fillings

Unlike mercury fillings, which require the filling to be placed in a cone like position that has been carved out of your tooth, tooth colored composite fillings are smoother making it more difficult for tooth decay to survive. This is certainly not the case with silver amalgam fillings.

When silver fillings get old, they can break, chip, and crack. Even new amalgam fillings can do this. If you follow the Forest Dental Blog, you will know that bacteria will find its way into the the tooth. As a result, this causes additional cavities.

If you would like more information regarding silver amalgam removal, or just want to have a dental checkup, call now.

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