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Root Canal

It is a dental term that strikes fear in the hearts of dental patients everywhere. Even the mere thought of these two words can cause sweat to bead up on the forehead of even the most stoic person waiting in a Lynchburg dental greeting center.

The term I speak…brace yourself…grab your chair…is…..

Root Canal

I will let you compose yourself for a few seconds….one….two…Ok here we go. Mention the term root canal and you instantly get feelings of dread, worry, and discomfort pop up in the minds of many. Even the term itself, based on face root canalvalue, sounds horrible.

To the most vivid imagination you picture a huge gap in the middle of your gum line where your tooth used to be. But relax. There is a bright spot at the end of this tunnel (or canal since the term seems to fit better). Root Canals are not scary. In fact they are good thing.

Root Canals Relive Pain

A root canal removes infected or damaged pieces of the tooth and root. These pieces can damage your health. They also can cause you a tremendous amount of pain, far more than any root canal procedure. In fact, if a root canal procedure is not scheduled, these damaged or infected pieces can continue to be a detriment to your oral and physical health.

And If You Need A Root Canal..Failure To Get It Can Cause Intense Pain

Here are some signs to look for indicative of the need for a root canal. One obvious indicator is pain or soreness in the gums. A bump or sores around this area can mean trouble. Simple oral tasks like chewing followed by sensations of soreness can also be signs you need to take it seriously and might need a root canal.

The Next Step For Tooth Or Gum Pain

The key is to make sure. Schedule to see us in our Lynchburg Dental Office. It may be something much simpler than a best dentist near medental procedure like a root canal. Regardless, it is best to be sure.


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