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Millennials And Dental Care

It seems almost unbelievable. When you read about the Millennial generation you read about a generation inundated with technology. This generation is forward thinking in a way that no other generation in history has ever been. This is the generation that learned how to use cell phones before they could even speak. They have the most information and technology available to them, and are not afraid to use it. But there is one area in which they choose to mimic the dark ages. The area I speak of..

Dental Care

millenial dental reminders

I was reading about the Millennial generation and some of their dental habits, or lack thereof. This may seem naïve but I am really surprised. This generation is going to live longer than any other previous generation. They tend to eat healthier, choosing to embrace natural ingredients over additives and processed foods. They understand how important their health is but still are not embracing that in the dental arena.


I wish I had an answer. In other generations there were different crutches that you could fall back on. Some generations just were not taught how important it was.  Others were more rebellious, not really focusing on tomorrow, but the here and now. Some were inundated with processed foods and mountains of messages to drink high sugar foods and cereals. Maybe dental health technology isn’t as exciting as other technology. But I think the problem is that with dental care you have to go back to the basics with every generation. And by back to the basics, I mean you have to train each generation on the discipline of good dental care.

Back To The Basics With Dental Care Reminders

This generation is definitely hardwired for digital messages through technology. They are inundated every day with thousands of messages competing for their attention. Cell phones, Iwatches, laptops, Desktops, Televisions, Movies, Internet Radio and more are sending them ads of all kinds over and over. It’s time to ad dental reminder messages to this flow on the information highway. The messages and reminders need to be part of their daily feed.

dental reminders

And While We Are At It, Let’s Use Some Of That Technology Millennials Embrace

And that means embracing new technology to do so. YouTube and apps are a great place to begin creating the messages to remind, educate, and inform this generation on the importance of dental care, and doing their part. The key is to reach Millennials in the high impact media environment in which they have grown accustomed.

Every Generation Needs Education

I guess nothing is a given. Every generation needs to be educated on good dental care. You can’t take it for granted that people will just embrace it. Technology is  not enough. You have to actively use it to educate people. And it is vital, since a generation of Millennials will reap the consequences of poor dental health if they continue down the path they are going.



“To All You Millennials Out There: Pick Up That Toothbrush!” How Your Own Bacteria Help Prevent Disease,

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