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Lynchburg Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers the people and families of Lynchburg healthier gums and teeth with less pain.

Say laser and people think futuristic. Many imagine laser guns and laser style weapons they have seen in scores of popular science fiction moves, television shows and novels. But the laser in itself is really a precise way to harness energy in a way that can cause less pain and less inflammation. The laser offers a level of precision previously unattainable by manual means. In dentistry it is a technological marvel.

No one wants any more of the gum and teeth to be scraped, cut, removed, or shaped than is necessary. Imagine if instead of a metal tool you could use something considerably more precise using less force and causing less inflammation. Move over metal, a laser makes this possible.

Heat not force

laser dentist
picture courtesy of the Academy of Laser Dentistry

A laser uses energy in the form of very targeted heat to help carryout dental procedures with greater accuracy. Greater accuracy means less complications, less pain, and greater chances of total success.

Less Pain..Less Need For Pain Killers

One benefit that is welcome is less inflammation in the gums after a procedure. This can mean less swelling or less bleeding. Another major benefit is less need for painkillers. Both are things people traditionally are not all that fond of and now laser dentistry procedures can help avoid them. No there are some cases where you will still need anesthesia but there is one things you can say goodbylynchburg dental officee to for over…

The Noisy Drill

No tool in the the dental world has a more intimidating sound than the drill. From the minute power is cut on you can feel anxiety levels rise and fear breakout in the dental chair. The fear is unfounded but it is unnerving to hear that mechanical grinding sound of the motor coming towards you. Now you can say a quiet goodbye to it. The laser is quiet.  Some of the things you can do with lasers to help you with your basic dental needs are laser cavity removal, laser whitening, laser gum work, and laser cancer detection.

The Procedure Itself

Enjoy this short clip on laser dentistry in action and it’s benefits.

Laser Cancer Detection

In an area as limited in size and scope as your mouth, every millimeter counts. A laser can target tissues with microscopic precision. 

Time To Enter The Digital Dental Age With Lynchburg Laser Dentistry

Who would have thought that one of the major impacts of the laser would be to clean your teeth and reduce pain at the dentist. Certainly not as exciting as Hollywood style science fiction BUT a whole lot more useful. Now you can enjoy that laser blasting cinematic marvel with healthy gums and teeth and a lot less discomfort.

certified laser dental staffLaser Dentistry Certified Staff

The entire staff has been laser certified. That training ensures this new technology tool will be used by only well trained dental hygienists, doctors, and technicians here in Lynchburg.

How About A Friendly Informational Visit About How It Laser Dentistry lynchburg OfficeCan Help You Here in Lynchburg

Why not find out more about this. Schedule an appointment or ask us about it during your routine cleaning or dental procedures.



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