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Lynchburg Dental Tips: Baby Teeth

Other than being a rite of passage many Lynchburg parents do not really focus on the issue of baby teeth infant lynchburgbaby teeth as a big part of their child’s future dental health. I mean you don’t read about it much and the teeth themselves are going to fall out. All signs point to something that is not an issue. Unfortunately, baby teeth and your monitoring of them are important to your children’s dental health in the future.

Baby Teeth Myths

First let us dispel the myths. According to here are some of the reasons baby teeth are important that get overlooked:

  1. Baby teeth are essential for talking, eating, and of course facial expressions
  2. They are the placeholders for permanent teeth

So what does that mean… for a parentlynchburg child dentist

If baby teeth come out too early this can affect the space that permanent teeth will use. This is why good dental care needs to start early…real early. That first tooth is a sign that it is time to go to the dentist. The first tooth should emerge before the end of year one. At this point schedule to see the dentist. This visit, or lack thereof, could have a detrimental impact on your child as successive dental problems could result.

Here is clip from the ADA on why baby teeth are important:

Here is a link to resource about dealing with first teeth and a chart on which ones are supposed to come out when.


  • Make sure to schedule that first dental visit after the first tooth protrudes through the gum.
  • Make sure to ask your dentist what you need to do and when in terms of baby tooth care. Remember, an early start can really make the difference to your child’s oral health as they grow older.





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