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Dentistry from our Hearts

Dentistry from our Hearts is an annual free day of dentistry offered to the community. Patients are seen on a first come first serve basis. We see between 200-300 patients each year. We work with other local dental offices to help accommodate patients with needs that are greater than we are equipped to handle.

Patients have a choice of treatment between a cleaning, a filling, or an extraction. Patients do not need to provide any information about themselves other than name, medicines they are taking, and existing health conditions.

Patients will be allowed on the property at 8am on Friday, Sept. 22nd, and we will begin exams around 10am. There will be 100 tickets handed out on the property, and you can also sign up online at:, where there will be 100 slots available. When you receive your exam you will be given an appointment for Sat., Sept. 23rd for your filling, cleaning or extraction – whatever you needed to have done. For more detailed information, you can visit our facebook page at:

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