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Dental Plans for Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies happen. If you don’t have the insurance, funds on hand, or a dependable dental plan, your Lynchburg dentist can help.

While dental plans cannot prevent the emergency, they can make them less stressful.


Less Stress with Dental Plans

The Forest Dental Center is proud to offer simple dental plans and dental insurance that make dental visits less stressful.

Going to the dentist isn’t always on the top of the list of favorite getaways. In fact, the anxiety levels only get higher when it comes time to pay the bill. Thankfully dental plans such as Care Credit, take the burden out of dental visits.

Take advantage of Care Credit between now and December 1 and you will receive a free Philips Sonicare Essence + Electric Toothbrush.

All you have to do is join Care Credit with the Forest Dental Center and spend a minimum of $200.00 on dental care. It really is that easy. Sign in and use the code BRUSH2019 and you will be well on your way to a healthier smile with the Care Credit dental plan.

Become a Member with the Forest Dental Center

If you are spending too much on dental care talk to a team member from the Forest Dental Center. Unlike some plans that require a middleman, the Kleer Dental plan was designed to pass the savings on to you immediately. There is no waiting when you enroll in the Kleer Dental Plan with your dentist in Lynchburg. Join today and enjoy your benefits immediately.

Your Kleer Dental Plan includes examinations, cleanings, and routine x-rays at no extra cost. Also, you and your family will receive special discounts on other dental procedures that are only available with the Kleer choice dental plan.

With 100 percent transparency, zero deductibles, annual maximums, denials and waiting periods you can depend on affordable dental plans when you need it most. Best of all, there is no pre-approval required.

Don’t Let a Dental Emergency Get the Better of You

If you would like more information regarding dental plans, call or text a team member today. If you join Care Credit and spend $200.00 or more you’ll receive a free Philips Sonicare Essence + Electric Toothbrush.

Emergencies happen. Make sure you are prepared with dental plans.  Call and schedule an appointment with your Lynchburg dentist today.

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