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Convenient Family Dental Care in Lynchburg

Not all dentists are equipped to handle children as young as two, but Forest Dental Center is. Thanks to the caring team of dentists in Lynchburg, you won’t have to shuttle you and your kids all over the place for dental checkups.

Complete Family Dental Care


Forest Dental Center provides outstanding care for your entire family. As a result, you can arrange your schedule so that your toddler and your teen visit your Lynchburg dentist at the same time. The team of dental specialists in Lynchburg provides a variety of dental services for kids, teens, and adults. This makes family dental care easy.

Dental Sealants for the Family

Sealants are one of the best defenses against tooth decay. Dental sealants are painted on the back teeth to protect the grooves and fissures in the tooth. Both children and adults who still have their natural teeth and no restorations can benefit from dental sealants in Lynchburg.

Good Oral Hygiene Starts from the Beginning

Forest Dental Center is the best place to learn about oral hygiene. From simple brushing and flossing demonstrations to tips your kids can practice at home, the dental team in Lynchburg can even help you brush up on your own oral hygiene habits. Forest Dental Center makes oral hygiene fun and so can you. Family dental care is fun.

A Wide Variety of Services for the Family

From dental fillings and extractions to periodontal issues and oral hygiene benefits, everyone has a great experience with Forest Dental. Your dental office in Lynchburg even offers no shot air abrasion fillings for kids. Patients who can’t tolerate conventional drillings, and fillings also love air abrasion.

Dental habits should last a lifetime and they will when you become a member of the Forest Dental Center family.

If you are looking for family dental care in Lynchburg, call and talk to a team member from Forest Dental Center today.

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